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"The Last Cat on Earth"

Check out the new Rocket Jump Music Video directed and starring Jimmy Wong that I produced! It’s an EPIC Cat/Dog post-apocalyptic battle! And it’s freakin’ ROCKIN’, so check it out!

"Resident Evil: Down with the Sickness"

Look what got it’s YouTube premiere today! “Resident Evil’s Down with the Sickness” short film I produced, directed by Desmond Dolly, starring Freddie Wong, Benji Dolly, Ethan Newberry, Clinton Jones, and LeeAnna Vamp.

"Army of Two - Cartel Takedown"

New Army of Two Video from the gang at the FreddieW YouTube Channel! Check it out! 

"VGHS Behind the Scenes - Episode 9"

Check out the FINAL Behind the Scenes for Video Game High School Season 1! Are you excited for Season 2?! Everyone at RocketJump definitely is!

"VGHS Behind the Scenes - Episode 8"

Check out the Behind the Scenes for the Video Game High School Arcade Episode! This was personally my favorite day of filming because we were able to film a whole episode in less than 12 hours, and the overnight shoot made everyone a little silly, including myself. I got really into House of the Dead 2 at five in the morning! Haha! 

A very special thanks to Endless Food and Fun for letting us invade their arcade all night. If you are ever in Huntington Beach, be sure to stop by and say hello to them.

"VGHS Behind the Scenes - Episode 4"

Watch the BTS for the awesome party scene, as well as the drift racing and DDR sequence. For a more comprehensive look at the drift racing sequence, check out “VGHS Behind the Drift”. Special thanks to Monster Energy Drinks for making the drift racing sequence become a reality!