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"The Last Cat on Earth"

Check out the new Rocket Jump Music Video directed and starring Jimmy Wong that I produced! It’s an EPIC Cat/Dog post-apocalyptic battle! And it’s freakin’ ROCKIN’, so check it out!

"Resident Evil: Down with the Sickness"

Look what got it’s YouTube premiere today! “Resident Evil’s Down with the Sickness” short film I produced, directed by Desmond Dolly, starring Freddie Wong, Benji Dolly, Ethan Newberry, Clinton Jones, and LeeAnna Vamp.

"VGHS Behind the Scenes - Episode 4"

Watch the BTS for the awesome party scene, as well as the drift racing and DDR sequence. For a more comprehensive look at the drift racing sequence, check out “VGHS Behind the Drift”. Special thanks to Monster Energy Drinks for making the drift racing sequence become a reality!